What is job'd?

The Job’d project, developed by the City of Helsinki and We Foundation, involves an operating model for creating new jobs that produce additional social value and offer valuable work experience for young people.

For young people, it is often challenging to acquire their first work experiences. Job’d offers young people occasional work through which they can gain their first work experiences, new expertise, contacts and wages, which will also help them find employment in the future. Socially meaningful work helps other people or the community and adds to the significance of the work, also increasing the young people’s work motivation.

"The work experience I have received from Job’d and the mobile app has changed my life."

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The job’d operating mode

Creating new jobsJobs offered through Jod’d would not exist without the project. The tasks are always new, and they do not replace existing jobs or business operations.

Offering first real work experiences for young people. Job’d is paid work where young people can gain expertise, work experience, motivation and references that will help them advance in their careers and education.

All job'd tasks will benefit other people or the community In their work through Job’d, young people help reduce loneliness among the elderly, support single parents in their daily lives and bring life to local events, for example.

What does job'd do?

The development of the Job’d operating model began in 2016. The model has been developed jointly by the City of Helsinki and the We Foundation. By November 2018, Job’d has created more than 26,000 hours of work and offered more than 1,000 work experiences.”

  • Job’d Helping

    Job’d Helping helps promote the functional capacity of the elderly who live at home and helps reduce loneliness among the elderly. The elderly are visited by a young person once a week for 2–3 hours at a time, for example. Together with the young person, the senior citizen can go outdoors or shopping, have coffee or just talk about things. The visits are carried out on the terms of the elderly and are free of charge. The service is developed in cooperation with the war veterans’ association of the region of Helsinki (Helsingin Seudun Sotaveteraanipiiri ry). At the moment, the elderly are admitted to the project through the veterans’ association as well as the eastern service area of the City’s home care services. The service is currently being developed and expanded.

    Job’d Helping also works in cooperation with assisted living buildings, enabling the elderly to go outdoors and participate in local events, for example.

    In addition, Job’d Helping provides support for the coping, well-being and participation opportunities of single parents as well as promotes the single-parent families’ children’s participation opportunities in recreational activities. Single parents are supported by providing them with childminding services so that they can participate in events and recreational activities. As for the young, they get to acquire substantial work experience in childminding, supervised by experienced professionals. The model is developed in cooperation with the Single Parents’ Association.

  • Job’d Events

    Job’d Events enables event organisers to hire local youths to help out in organising the events. By offering employment, the event organiser can offer young people significant work experience that enhances their expertise and helps them enter working life. As for the event organisers, they are provided with an eager workforce and extra hands for carrying out supportive tasks. As a result, residents of Helsinki get to enjoy a range of events that are organised in a yet smoother manner.

    The event organisers in Helsinki have the opportunity to offer young people their first work experiences in events taking place in 2018. For the event organisers, the extra workforce is free of charge.

    The event organisers interested in the project must fill out an application form.

    The event organiser can be an association, a business or a private individual. The event organiser must inform the project of their interest in offering work for young people as early as possible, no later than four (4) weeks prior to the event. They may also enquire the project about the possibility to join in at a later stage.

    The applications will be used to assess whether the event carries suitable tasks for the young. After the assessment, the selected event organisers are provided with detailed instructions on how to proceed. Recruitment is carried out with an easy-to-use electronic application, with which the event organiser can pick the employees themself from among over 1,000 young people.

    Fill out the application!

How to find work with job'd?

1. Download the free-of-charge application to your mobile phone.

2. Create a good job seeker profile.

3. Sign up for available Job’d tasks.

All event jobs will be available through the Treamer mobile application for local young people aged 15-20. The Treamer application can also be used to sign up for some of the Job’d Helping tasks

Workers to assist the elderly who live at home will be selected in recruitment events. Recruitment events are organised in cooperation with Ohjaamo centres, youth centres, associations and We-Houses. For more information on the next recruitment event, please contact sami.komppula@hel.fi by e-mail.