Ismail Abdullahi,
19 years old ​ student

Ismail had very little work experience,
was 18 years old and studying in high school.
He had been very active looking for jobs but had no success.
The first Job’d shift he got in May 2016.

In may 2016...

...job’d and ITIS shopping mall began cooperation and looked for local youth with Somali or Arabic language skills. The aim was to support the local migrant community with better help and service.

Job’d were supporting information desk agents work with skills of language that most migrant customers speak and good knowledge of the shopping mall gained from growing up in the area.

Ismail got Job’d shifts at the shopping mall and from the first shift, the potential was seen.

Quickly it was clear that there is a hard working reliable young man despite his lack of previous experience. Ismail constantly kept getting five-star reviews for his work.

After doing a couple Job'd shifts...

...via Treamer mobile application and getting high reviews for his work Ismail began to get shifts offered by other employers who saw the reviews.

Suddenly Ismail found himself doing shifts for the biggest bank in Finland driving their leasing cars. In 10 months from his first shift, Ismail had 70 very high reviews about his work on the mobile app and many recommendations to put on his resume.

Doing work while...

...finishing high school studies he built up work experience for his resume and landed a permanent job at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Burger King) in April 2017.

”The work experience I have received from Job’d and the mobile app has changed my life. I have learned a lot and would never have got this job without that experience. I have very positive expectation about the future and will start military service after finishing high school this year.” Ismail says.

High hopes

He was given the opportunity to show what he can do, a change to gain work experience and at the same time help others.

Now he has high hopes for the future and already is a role model for his 9 siblings, other young people, and community.